Houses for sale in Ashe County NC don’t stay on the market long – and for good reason. With incredible views, moderate climate and enviable amenities, the housing market in Ashe County is competitive, but worth the effort.

Natural Attractions in Ashe County

One of the largest draws to the county is the area’s incredible natural attractions. Ashe County is host to parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherokee National Forest, New River as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Houses For Sale in Ashe County NCThe Blue Ridge Parkway is the longest scenic highway in the nation. Spanning multiple states, the highway provides a number of access points to dozens of trailheads in the area. These maintained hiking paths provide stunning views of the surrounding mountain vistas and are completely free to use. Calm inland lakes also dot the highway, and are perfect for a relaxing early morning kayak or paddle board session.

The Cherokee National Forest is a protected piece of pristine forestland. Dense trees line the highway as it snakes along the forest’s edge. And because of its protection as a national forest, this beautiful landscape will never risk being developed. Which ensures that the area will always boast this protected land and stunning views.

Besides the Nile River, the New River is the only body of water that flows upstream. The New River is also the perfect spot to spend the afternoon fishing, swimming or just floating upstream on your personal inner tube. Some places in Ashe County even offer guided white water rafting trips up the New River for those brave enough to try it.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are probably the most obvious reason why houses for sale in Ashe County NC don’t stay on the market for long. A section of the larger Appalachians, the Blue Ridge Mountains are so named because the indigenous trees release isoprene into the atmosphere, causing the area to appear blue from a distance.

In addition to the spectacular mountain vistas, the higher altitude of the Blue Ridge Mountains accounts for the cooler temperatures in the summer and mild snow in the winter. The area is also not known to become as humid and uncomfortable as cities “down the mountain,” like Hickory, Charlotte and Greensboro.

The mountainsides are also ideal for ski resorts, which may explain why there are three located nearby. Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain and Appalachian Ski Mountain are very popular winter destinations for snow bunnies, snowboarders, skiers and snow tubers looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon. In the summer, zip lines substitute for high flying adventure as guests speed through the lush forests that surround the area.

Purchasing Houses For Sale in Ashe County NC

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