Ashe County real estate offers people the opportunity to own their own piece of mountain paradise. Located in Northwestern North Carolina, the county is backdropped by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and the soft rolling hills of the lower Appalachians. Small, quaint towns are tucked into dense forests of evergreens and fragrant rhododendrons. Quintessential Americana still lives in the bounds of Ashe County. And owning a home in the area will gift you the opportunity to step back into a simpler time.

Ashe County North Carolina Natural Attractions

Not many Southeastern areas boast the same incredible views, enjoyable climate and vast amenities like those found in Ashe County. Situated higher on the mountains than nearby Iredell or Buncombe counties, the higher altitude provides residents with a constant supply of cooler mountain air. Comfortable summers and mild winters are enjoyed most of the year. But enough snow does fall to keep the three area ski resorts in steady operation throughout the anticipated ski seasons. Snowboarders, skiers and snow tubers flock to the mountains each winter to lay first tracks at some of these renowned resorts. But when the hillsides thaw and spring blooms across the mountains, a whole new selection of things to do becomes available.


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Hundreds of hiking trails are located throughout Ashe and neighboring Watauga County. Grandfather Mountain boasts its own trail system, while the Blue Ridge Parkway provides even more access to pristine trailheads. Beautiful inland lakes also dot the scenic highway, which provides ample opportunity for peaceful fishing trips or a midday kayak. The New River also cuts through the county, providing even more opportunities to fish, kayak, swim or float down.

But nature lovers aren’t the only ones that benefit from owning Ashe County real estate. The area is dotted with a variety of small towns like West Jefferson and Lansing, which boast eclectic shops, restaurants, attractions and seasonal events. Towns in Ashe County are unique in that they never outgrew their surroundings and become larger cities, nor did they wither into ghost towns. Instead, they’re a balanced mix of historical buildings and charm with modern amenities and artistic expressions.

West Jefferson is renowned for its flourishing art district and beautiful murals that dot the downtown area. Art galleries and craft fairs offer guests creative pieces and beautiful keepsakes that add flair to any decor. Immerse yourself in the history of the area by visiting one of the nation’s oldest cheese factories – Ashe County Cheese – or pop into one of the many antique shops in the area. Stroll through a Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning for fresh veggies, local honey and regional flowers. Or spend your afternoon shopping and your evening relaxing in one of the many restaurants, pubs, cafes or bakeries in the area. When you own your own Ashe County real estate, you can enjoy all of these amenities throughout the year.

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